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REVIEW: 2015 KIA K900


The Kia K900 helps Kia continue to grow in the luxury market. This car picks up where the Kia Cadenza leaves off, with a V8 engine, rear wheel luxury, and a design that is a cut above.

The K900 is the next step for Kia’s entry into the luxury market. It looks nothing like the rest of the Kia lineup, with stylish wheels, tiger nose grille, LED lights and so much more. Offered with a V6 or a V8 engine, the K900?s list of standard equipment will feature first-class accommodations and advanced technology.  The range-topping V8 equipped with the VIP Package will add additional luxury amenities including reclining outboard rear seats.  The K900 Premium V6 will launch at a later date with an available Luxury Package and Technology Package.  The all-new K900 V8 Luxury and V8 VIP are expected to go on sale during the first quarter of 2014, and complete pricing will be announced closer to launch.

The K900 features long 119.9-inch wheelbase and wide 63.8-inch front and 64.1-inch rear track of the V8 translate to considerable road presence. You’ll get standard 19-inch multi-spoke chrome wheels. Design standard continue with 16 LED bulbs, standard power and heated rear view mirrors, and Blind Spot Detection to keep you safe.

The cabin is very popular among testers. The K900 features high quality Nappa leather, and wood trims stretches throughout this beauty. Front seats are also heated. Inside the 12.3 LCD screen controls everything. It’s all at your fingetrips in the K900. Features include Bluetooth, Wood/leather steering wheel, backup camera, sunroof controls and UVO entertainment.


Front and rear park-assist sensors and cameras are standard across the line for enhanced confidence and convenience.  Auditory cues notify the driver as the vehicle approaches an object with the tones emanating from the speaker located closest to the object.  The parking display also indicates distance to the object via green, yellow and red lines, providing a visual aid to the driver.  The V8 comes standard with Kia?s first Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) system3, which provides an audible warning to the driver if oncoming cross traffic is detected from the rear while the K900 is in Reverse.  Working in conjunction with RCTA is Blind Spot Detection (BSD), which is standard on the V8 and available in the Technology Package on the V6.  Opting for the VIP Package nets the new Surround View Monitor system3, which utilizes four discreetly placed wide-angle mini-cameras at the front and rear and within the outside rear view mirrors.  The cameras provide a crystal-clear view of anything within several feet of the K900, providing potential safety benefits as well as easier maneuvering in tight spaces.

A Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) is standard on the V6 Technology Package and both V8 models.  The camera-based LDWS monitors the K900?s position and provides an audible warning to the driver when the vehicle begins to drift too close to the lane markers.  First introduced on the Cadenza, the K900 is available with radar-based Advanced Smart Cruise Control (ASCC)3. Included within the V6 Technology Package, and VIP Package on the V8, ASCC adjusts vehicle speed to help maintain a set distance to the vehicle in front and even has the ability to bring the K900 to a full stop.  For added convenience, the system will also automatically accelerate the vehicle once traffic allows.

The K900 introduces Kia?s first use of Advanced Vehicle Safety Management (AVSM)7.  Integrating the control of various vehicle monitoring systems, including the Electronic Stability Control (ESC), seatbelt mechanisms and multiple warning systems, the AVSM can alert the driver to danger, pre-pressurize the braking system and activate the Pre-Safe Belt (PSB) system8, depending on the anticipated level of a collision risk.  If a potential collision is detected, AVSM warns the driver in three stages: an audible alarm, a visual warning on both the HUD and TFT LCD cluster and a cinching of the front seatbelts.

“This year marks Kia Motors? 20th anniversary in the U.S. market, and the all-new K900 is a symbol of how far the brand has come and the next bold example of the challenger spirit that has benefitted Kia over two decades of growth and maturation,” said Michael Sprague, executive vice president, marketing & communications, KMA.  “Kia?s rise over the last five years has been fueled by a willingness to challenge the status quo with vehicles such as the Optima, Sorento and Cadenza, which have brought new and more affluent customers to our showrooms and dramatically raised the profile of the brand while maintaining our value proposition.  The K900 is the next logical progression for Kia. It demonstrates what Kia is capable of and will help redefine what the Kia brand stands for.”

What Others Are Saying:


On some level, the K900 is nothing less than Kia attempting to climb Olympus at the tender age of 20. The Korean automaker is but two decades removed from shipping us its first boatload of frankly lousy Sephia econoboxes, and it’s taking on the European and Japanese luxury gods with a sedan that’s decidedly different in character from what sells here these days. It’s a move likely to be seen as both brave and hubris-filled, but it would be a serious mistake to dismiss the K900 (and its Equus relative) as some sort of off-brand dog and pony show. If you’re not a badge snob and can see embracing the “at-ease” lifestyle, there’s real substance, value and luxury available at the unlikeliest of showrooms.


Despite having never built anything like the K900 before, Kia appears to have had a decent how-to guide.


Car and Driver

It’s no longer news that Kia knows how to build cars well. The K900 might be exactly the right car for happy Optima owners to move into after they hit the Powerball. But this is a luxury car built around a steel structure when much of the competition has moved on to aluminum. There?s some limousine in its DNA that keeps it from being a true driver’s car.

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